Your chance to rate your local household waste recycling centre (deadline 10th January)

Published on: Friday, 29th November 2019

Erewash residents have a chance to comment on services provided by a local household waste recycling site.

Derbyshire County Council has opened an on-line survey which runs until 10th January, giving an opportunity for users of the authority's Ilkeston operation the chance to rate.

For those who cannot get on-line, there will also be face-to-face surveys at the site on the Manners Industrial Estate, carried out by an independent research company until 15th December.

These surveys give people a chance to highlight what they like and what they think needs improving.

Councillor Simon Spencer, Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, said:  “Recycling has never been more important.  We put as much waste as possible from your general waste bin to good use, but some of it goes to landfill – which generates greenhouse gases and contributes to climate change.

“We need people living in Derbyshire to produce less waste and recycle more so we’re always looking for ways to improve our recycling centres to drive up recycling rates and drive down the cost of dealing with waste from Derbyshire households – which costs Derbyshire council tax-payers £44 million a year.

“Please take a couple of minutes to tell us how we can improve the services we provide to help encourage more people to use our recycling centres.”

You can read more about our household waste recycling centres here.

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