The Community Response Plan

Published on: Friday, 5th February 2010

The Community Response Plan for Civil Emergencies is a confidential document listing individuals in a specific area who have skills that could be utilised in the event of a civil emergency. Every parish, town and city in the UK should have such a plan in place. The parish council clerk, Sam Cheshire, is updating the plan for Breaston and asks that any of the following who would be agreeable to being named on the Breaston list, contact her with their details.

  • Individuals trained in first aid
  • Practicing or retired doctors, nurses and firefighters
  • Individuals or organisations with equipment that might be useful (electric generators, pumps, ladders, boats, tractors etc)
  • Individuals who are not qualified in any of the above but would be willing to assist (help with moving people, preparing food, distribution of emergency supplies etc)
  • Individuals or organisations with pastoral skills to offer support to people in a stressful situation.
  • Organisations with halls, kitchen facilities etc

Anyone willing to be included on the list should contact the clerk by either telephoning 01332 870119 or by email at with their name, address, telephone numbers and the capacity in which they wish to be on the list.

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