Enjoy a DISCO at Dinner, weekdays at 12:30pm

Published on: Thursday, 4th August 2022
Disco at Dinner on Erewash Sound, with The Seven Oaks Inn, Bar and Restaurant, Lows Lane, Stanton-by-Dale - your East Midlands Party Venue!

Need to move about a bit at dinner time?  Need some musical motivation?   Why not submit two tracks in advance to feature at 12:30pm on Erewash Sound as part of Daytime?

Get in touch with the studio via the website, either in advance at anytime, or at least before 12:30pm Monday to Friday inclusive with two of your favourite uptempo party songs and we could be playing your selection!

Click on the above link, fill in the box with your message and listen to find out if your selection is featured!

Disco at Dinner is sponsored by The Seven Oaks Inn, Bar and Restaurant, Lows Lane, Stanton-by-Dale.  Your East Midlands Party Venue!  Find them on Facebook!

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