Have you got our NEW text number?

Published on: Wednesday, 15th April 2020
Send us a text as long as you like to 88440 starting your message with the word 'erewash'

We have a NEW text number for you to contact us with our old number being phased out.

From Monday 13th April, our new text number is 88440 - "double eight, double four oh".  Two thngs that haven't changed are that you should still start your message with the word 'Erewash' and that messages are still charged at the standard network rate.   Your messages might even be FREE - check with your network service operator.

But what's new?  Well, 88440 supports multi-part messages and even emojis, meaning that there are no longer any restrictions of characters as there were with our old number, so you can talk to us to your hearts content and have fun with it too - we'll see everything you say when your message reaches the studio.   This is particularly useful if you want to tell us about something like an event that is happening at the time for example, or a lengthy dedication for someone special!

Remember to use "double eight, double four, oh" from now!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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