Kirk Hallam acknowledges Kirk Hallam in the USA

Published on: Wednesday, 16th September 2015

Members of 'Big Kirk Hallam' here in Erewash were contacted recently by Wendy, a relative of a Kirk Hallam, from Los Angeles in the United States of America...

Wendy had come across the local project whilst searching the internet for an unusual birthday gift for Kirk.

Spokesperson for BKH, Jsan Shepherd said: "We were happy to send a T Shirt, key ring, pen, notebook and fridge magnet all saying Big Kirk Hallam."

After doing so, Kirk sent the picture below and a note which read: 'I'm sooo happy you sent me the shirt and merchandise from my namesake Kirk Hallam

I was there about 8 years back and couldn't find anything with our mutual on it to buy, but I had a great time visiting with people at the local pub. They thought it was hilarious when they saw my name really WAS Kirk Hallam! Hopefully we can all visit there sometime soon. It's really a beautiful place isn't it? Please tell the townspeople that they are welcome to come stay with us if they're ever visiting Los Angeles.

Lotsa love, Kirk'

Speaking to Erewash Sound, Jsan offered his thanks to Kirk and agreed that Kirk Hallam is a beautiful place to live and the residents are great but he did add that the weather looks better in Los Angeles than it does here in the Erewash borough!

Do you know of anyone else called Kirk Hallam? If you do, get in touch with the 'Big Kirk Hallam' team for them to be sent a T-shirt too!

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