National Ice Centre backing campaign to get moving to improve mental well-being

Published on: Wednesday, 15th May 2024
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The National Ice Centre in Nottingham is extolling the benefits of ice skating on mental health. Skating is described as a great way to boost it according to a message from officials.

It follows the national Mental Health Awareness Week advocating for 'moving more for our mental health', and the introduction of a weekly ‘Social-Ice’ cafe run in partnership with Nottinghamshire Mind.

Robyn Pedley, National Ice Centre, said: “With exam season in full swing, the May half term can be an anxious time for teenagers coping with revision stress, and it’s now widely accepted that regular breaks and physical activity can be very helpful in dealing with the pressure. 

The Mental Health Foundation says: “One of the most important things we can do to help protect our mental health is regular movement. Our bodies and our minds are connected. Looking after ourselves physically also helps us prevent problems with our mental health.

“Movement is a great way to enhance our wellbeing. Even a short burst of 10 minutes’ brisk walking can boost our mood and increase our mental alertness and energy. Movement helps us feel better about our bodies and improve self-esteem. It can also help reduce stress and anxiety and help us to sleep better.”

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