Stop HS2 Erewash call for urgent government enqiry following recent HS2 Environmental report

Published on: Saturday, 13th October 2018

Following the release of HS2b Working draft environmental statement, Stop HS2 Erewash is calling for an urgent government review of HS2 phase B in the East Midlands in light of suggested spiralling costs and greater impacts than were first proposed. 

HS2 budget is believed from treasury sources to exceed £100 billion and reports say that an extra £43 billion must be spent on infrastructure to make it fully work.  A statement released by Stop HS2 said it was therefore easy to see why HS2’s budget has increased from its £33 billion original budget and said that construction and implementation of the structure will cause significant disruption to the community and would kill Long Eaton.

Stop HS2 believe that the public have been deceived by the extent of damage to the local economy, community, health and environment and seek to add their voice to recent calls they say come from within government to review HS2 in light of costs both economic and human.  The organisation has criticised MP Maggie Throup after claiming that she didn’t acknowledge a letter sent in May 2018, outlining the results of a community survey about attitudes to HS2 and said that the MP was wrong in saying that the community was in favour of HS2

Lead representative for Stop HS2, Brent Poland said:  "The Environmental report is a damning indictment of the failure of HS2 to overcome the economic cost of 1004 job losses, the social cost of 183 demolished homes, and the environmental impact of a 91% habitat loss.  The unevidenced claims in favour of HS2 don’t balance out this awful reality for our community. We believe that it is simply not worth it; the jobs our community is losing are real whereas HS2 are making up theoretical jobs.  It is intolerable that front-line public services are starved of cash while spending on HS2 is profligate."

He described HS2 consultations as a 'sham' and said that an overwhelming response received from the public was a rejection of a viaduct 17 meters high and asked how HS2 took their objections on board after adding another 2 metres to a viaduct set to be constructed over the town.

He said: "Stop HS2 Erewash believe that HS2ltd are playing another PR exercise with this report and will pursue any course they want, in disregard of the 69.6% of the community who object to HS2, according to our recent survey.  We call on the government to investigate the organisation in light of the Carillion scandal and the continued poor record in their accounting for the £4.1 billion spent even before they laid track.  The record of HS2 engaging and compensating individuals also needs urgently reviewed as it is simply inhumane how many in Erewash have been forced out of their homes.  
We also call on our local leadership in Erewash Borough Council who recently declared that they were “concerned” about the impact HS2 was going to have, to help us fight to save our community and indeed the country from this immoral and unjustifiable project."

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