A Night of Entertainment: Casino-Themed Events

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Have you ever been part of a group that is looking to organise a night of entertainment, but everyone is stuck for ideas? It’s often the case in this scenario that you end up doing the same old activities. However, thanks to the innovation of local businesses, casino-themed nights have become a popular unique idea for organised entertainment.

What’s the Appeal of Casino Games?

Casino games have continued to grow in popularity, partly thanks to the development of online casinos. Games such as jackpot bingo and classic casino favourites such as blackjack, roulette, and poker are all now widely available and easily accessible to players through their mobile devices. As new players are introduced to the games, more and more people are wanting the live experience as well. It is evident that there is a high demand for this type of entertainment; and one local Midlands company has been providing a live casino experience for people who are interested.

Little Las Vegas – The Midlands Company Providing Casino Themed Nights

The Derby-based company, Little Las Vegas, run a casino hire service that allows you to host your own casino themed events. Little Las Vegas provides you with all the equipment needed to host a casino night, with roulette, blackjack, and stud poker tabletops. As well as the equipment, cards, and chips – the service also provides you with a team of fully trained croupiers for the night to take care of everything.

In addition to standard casino themed nights, it’s possible to enhance the atmosphere by combining the service with a wider theme. The Great Gatsby, James Bond, and the Roaring ‘20s are just some of the themes proposed by Little Las Vegas, however, the choice is yours to be as creative as you want

Casino games are often good icebreakers and a good source of entertainment for people in groups, so it’s no surprise that Little Las Vegas has proven a popular choice at weddings, Christmas parties, and fundraising events. Services such as this can also be hired for smaller private functions such as house parties or groups of people just looking for their own casino night.


Little Las Vegas is based in Derby; however, they operate throughout the Midlands and their services can be requested in Nottingham, Leicester, and Birmingham. It is unsurprising to see the high demand for services such as this, as casino-themed nights are an alternative source of entertainment that people may not have experienced before.

After seeing the success of casino themed nights, it will be interesting to see if local events organisers will start to include Bingo as an alternative option. The growth of online bingo has shown that the game is still popular, and, nationwide, events such as Bongo’s Bingo have proven that there is a large demand for live bingo events. Bingo has always been a social game, so it seems like the type of game that would work successfully as part of a locally organised themed event. 


Picture Source: Pixabay