Steve Rawlings

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Steve Rawlings - 1964-2021

Steve was our champion of local music on Erewash Sound, presenting GEMS (The Great Erewash Music Show) every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm.

From its early roots on the original internet service, Steve picked up the GEMS show for FM from March 2010 to make the show even bigger and better and give more opportunities to local artists to get their material aired on the radio.  After its first FM home on Saturday nights from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, the show later moved and expanded into the current 2-hour long weekday slot under Steve's dedicated support for the local music scene.

GEMS features nothing but material from artists in and around the Erewash area.  Steve was one of the first radio presenters to ever give airplay to local artists such as Jake Bugg and Philip George, long before they took the charts by storm.

We are very sad to report that Steve passed away suddenly during the early hours of Monday 22nd November 2021 aged just 57, however, GEMS will continue in his memory and to further his great work.  Want to get your material played?  Send us your CDs and biogs to Erewash Sound care of the Media Centre - see the bottom of our website for the address - or e-mail mp3 files and info to