2019 Long Eaton Spring League Angling Results

Malc Munn

The final match of the 2019 Spring League was fished on Sunday at Robinwood Fishery, and once again Malc Munn was the individual winner by a large margin.

On end peg 1, Malc fished with mussel bait to tempt large carp for his 47-08 weight. Dave Lewis filled second spot from the other end peg (18) with 33-08, with match organiser Rob Pembridge in third place with 30-00 from peg 7.

At the end of the four-match series, Malc Munn and Dave Lewis each had 21 points, but Malc’s superior weight (156-14 to Dave’s 86-14) gave him the individual title.

Malc also led his team of three (Team “B”) to victory.  The team of Rob Pembridge, Malc Munn, Dave Kent (Dave fished 2 matches, with Andy Edwards and Alan Welch covering one each in Dave’s absence) only dropping two points (two firsts and two seconds).  Second team was Team “F”, Paul Richardson, Dave Lewis and Mick Lager, with 18 points.

A massive thanks go to match organiser Rob Pembridge for running this year’s series.

DATE:    28 APRIL 2019       
1st    Malc MUNN  47-08
2nd    Dave LEWIS  33-08
3rd    Rob PEMBRIDGE  30-00
4th    Paul SKINNER  29-10
5th    Les SMEDLEY  25-10
6th    Mick LAGER  22-00

Final League table 2019 Spring League.
1st Team B - 5,6,5,6-----22 pts  (Pembridge, Munn, Kent + Edwards + Welch)
2nd Team F - 6,5,3,4-----18 pts (Richardson, Lager, Lewis)
3rd Team C - 4,4,4,5-----17 pts (Smedley, P Skinner, Overmass)
4th Team E- 1,2,6,3-----12 pts (Marriot, Talbot, Wilcock)
5th Team D - 2,3,2,2------9 pts (Brailsford, White, J Skinner)
6th Team A- 3,1,1,1------6 pts (Cotterill, Carrier, Kerry)

TOP 6 Final Individual Scores
1st     MALC MUNN        3,6,6,6 = 21 Pts 156-14
2nd    DAVE LEWIS        5,5,5,6 = 21 Pts 84-14
3rd     LES SMEDLEY   5,4,6,5 = 20 Pts 92-02
4th     DAVE COTTERILL 6,6,5,2 = 19 Pts 119-06
5th     PAUL MARRIOTT 5,3,6,5 = 19 Pts 60-14
6th     ROB PEMBRIDGE 6,2,4,6 = 18 Pts 72-06

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