Angling: NISA Feeders Midweek Open Match results and reports - week commencing 31st August

Erewash Sound SPORT presents a round up of results and reports from the NISA Feeders Open Matches from week commencing 31st August 2020.

EVENT: Wednesday “NISA Feeders” Open Match
1st: John ADAMSON (NISA Feeders) 136-11
2nd: Daz “Forrest” PHILBIN (Raygill Tackle) 102-04
3rd: Adam LOWBRIDGE (Peterborough) 78-08
4th: Pete WOOD (Makins) 68-09
5th: Daz SHAW (Makins) 67-00
6th: Martin HINCKS (Ajax Angling Club) 47-11
Number of pegs:  12

Report: The match started with the wind blowing into the low “B” numbers but switched to the high “B” numbers soon after the start, and fish seemed to move with the wind turning B23, which had only produced one winner in 550 Wednesday opens, into a decent peg.  The rain that drove into the “B” bank throughout the second half of the match made the conditions difficult, and some anglers failed to last the full match, but there were fish showing all around the lake.

The fortunate angler on B23, John Adamson, who also had an undrawn peg near him on B21, took full advantage and fishing a 28g NISA Porky feeder to the island started to catch small carp after about 15 minutes and had around 50-00 in the first 2 hours. After then is slowed slightly but the fish caught were bigger and at the end he put 136-11 on the scales for the win.

Daz “Forrest” Philbin drew peg B11 for the fifth time in the last six matches, and once again abandoned the rod to concentrate on a pole attack.  Fishing corn bait over corn and pellet feed was again successful for him and he caught big carp for a weight of 102-04 for second place.

Adam Lowbridge, fishing his first match on the lake, put in an excellent performance on peg B13 for a weight of 78-08 and third place, the bulk of his fish falling to pellet waggler in the latter stages, whilst Pete Wood (peg B19) caught steadily throughout the day on method feeder and pole to come fourth with 68-09.

Daz Shaw on peg A20 struggled to keep fish out of a snag of line, feeders, floats and now branches attached to the floating boom, and lost two in the snag plus several hook pulls and breakages trying to keep the fish clear, but his pellet waggler approach still gave him 67-00 for fifth place, with Martyn Hincks in sixth with 47-11 from peg A7.

NB.  ‘NISA Feeders’ Opens are at Makins Phase 1 every Wednesday. You must book in before 10pm the previous evening (Facebook – Nisa midweek open matches), draw in car park 8:30am-9am, fishing 10:30am-4:30pm. 

EVENT: Thursday “NISA Feeders” Open Match
1st: Danny LEWIS (Best Baits & Packington) 81-14
2nd: Steve PRETTY (Miracle Baits) 81-05
3rd: Baz SMITHSON (Team Makins) 71-05
4th: John ADAMSON (NISA Feeders) 68-03
5th: Andy SEARLE (Leicester) 62-04
6th: Paul REYNOLDS (Nuneaton) 60-10
7th: Simon POTTER (Rugby Tackle & Daventry AC) 57-15
8th: Keith HUDSON (Raygill Tackle) 57-07
9th: Pete EDEN (Syston Casters) 56-00
10th: Daz “Forrest” PHILBIN (Raygill Tackle) 49-14
Number of pegs: 18

Report: Once again Thames dominated the results taking the top five places, although the next six all came from Derwent.  On the plus side. The top weights from each lake produced very close results, with prizes decided by ounces.

Packington Bailiff Danny Lewis made a rare visit and on Thames peg 9 fished an excellent match for 81-14 and the win.  Danny started on pole and pellet to the island for three carp in his first four put ins, but after that caught from several areas before the fish settled into his left margin when he caught carp alternating between corn and maggots.

Only ounces behind on 81-05 was Steve Pretty on unfancied peg Thames 4.  Steve caught the bulk of his fish from his right margin on corn, for second place (match and lake).

Baz Smithson broke a dry run by taking third place on Thames with a pellet caught 71-05 from peg 15, followed by the previous day’s winner, John Adamson who had a paste caught 68-03 from Thames 11.  Andy Searle was fifth with 62-04 from Thames 19.

Paul Reynolds (Derwent peg 29 – again) took sixth place overall but won the lake money with a pellet caught 60-10, with Simon Potter taking second on the lake from peg 26 with 57-15, ounces ahead of third placed Keith Hudson who had 57-05 from peg 2.  Pete Eden (peg 6) had 56-00, Daz Philbin (peg 20) had 49-14, Dave Hicken (peg 10) had 49-14.

With maintenance work continuing on Phase Two, the match next week (10th September) will be Phase Three again on the Avons, Thames and Derwent.

NB.  ‘NISA Feeders’ Opens are at Makins Phases 2 or 3 every Thursday. You must book in before 10pm the previous evening (Facebook – Nisa midweek open matches), draw in car park on phase being fished 8:30am-9am, fishing 10:30am-4:30pm. 

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