Angling: NISA Feeders Midweek Open Match results and reports: week commencing 28th September 2020

Erewash Sound SPORT brings you another round of angling action featuring local and regionally based anglers.

EVENT: Wednesday “NISA Feeders” Open Match
1st: Steve BRINDLEY (Tackle Shack) 114-15
2nd: Shaun WEED (Old Works Angling Club) 91-04
3rd: Alan MARSHALL (Corby) 81-06
4th: Kev WALTERS (Team Makins) 80-15
5th: Mitch MILLER (Makins) 61-05
6th: John ADAMSON (NISA Feeders) 25-04
Number of pegs: 10 (Paid top 3)

Report: The fish appeared to have backed off the cold S wind (and rain) with most of the better catches coming from the sheltered high numbered pegs on the “A” bank.

Steve Brindley paid a rare visit, drew peg A20 and walked away with top prize having put 114-15 on the scales.  Steve started on bomb and pellet, and although he caught a couple of early carp had several “line bites”. In response he switched to pellet waggler and caught decent carp steadily, including fish to around fifteen pounds, throughout the match for a clear win.

Shaun Weed on peg A12 had an enjoyable day on bomb and pellet.  Casting around half way to the island he had bites at regular intervals end ended with 91-04 for second place.

On peg A9, Alan Marshall fished method feeder for most of the match to also catch carp, switching to pole down the margins in the latter stages to add three late fish to boost his weight to 81-06 to take the final money prize by seven ounces from Kev Walters (peg B13), who weighed 80-15.  Kev had a couple of early carp on the method feeder before switching to pole for several skimmer bream before taking a carp on that line. Her then concentrated on his margins to add several more decent carp, but just missed out.

Mitch Miller on peg A15 filled fifth place with 61-08 with John Adamson’s 25-04 in sixth only because all the other anglers returned their catches (all bar one – peg A5 - had around fifty pounds) without weighing.

NB.  ‘NISA Feeders’ Opens are at Makins Phase 1 every Wednesday. You must book in before 10pm the previous evening (Facebook – Nisa midweek open matches), draw in car park 8:30am-9am, fishing 10:30am-4:30pm. 

EVENT: Thursday “NISA Feeders” Open Match
1st: Andy SEARLE (Leicester) 107-14
2nd: Bob GREENBURY (Drennan Leicester) 64-01
3rd: Mick TIMSON (Guru & Mainline Match) 62-11
4th: Pete EDEN (Syston Casters) 52-08
5th: Jonny HARVEY (Hinckley) 47-14
6th: Sean HUGGINS (Drennan & Dynamite Baits) 41-10
7th: Liam LYNOTT (Makins) 39-12
8th: Steve HAYWOOD (Middy) 37-10
9th: Gaz WOOD (The Pellet Guys) 35-07
10th: Baz SMITHSON (Team Makins) 34-01
Number of pegs: 19 (Paid top 3 each lake, top 3 overall

Report: The match was again fished over two lakes and once more the prizes were evenly split with three of the six money winners on each lake.

The colder weather has started to take effect by slowing sport down, but in spite of that and 4 non- weighers weights still averaged over 35 pounds an angler.

Andy Searle was the clear winner with 107-14 from Severn peg 11, taking both lake and overall prizes.  Andy caught towards the point of the island on pole and pellet, catching carp steadily throughout the day.

Bob Greenbury was winner of Avon and second overall with 64-01 from peg 8.  Bob caught on pellet during the early stages and then on maggot from his margins later on.

Third place (and second on Severn) went to Mick Timson from peg 16 with 62-11 on pole and pellet, with Pete Eden in fourth, and second on Avon from peg 22 with 52-08, ahead of Jonny Harvey (third on Avon from peg 25) who had 47-14.

Sean Huggins was the final prize winner in sixth place and taking third from Severn with 41-10 of small carp taken on meat from peg 25.

NB.  ‘NISA Feeders’ Opens are at Makins Phases 2 or 3 every Thursday. You must book in before 10pm the previous evening (Facebook – Nisa midweek open matches), draw in car park on phase being fished 8:30am-9am, fishing 10:30am-4:30pm. 

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