Angling: NISA Feeders Midweek Open Matches: Results and Reports: week commencing 7th September

Erewash Sound brings you a round up of angling action involving some borough anglers for week commencing 7th September 2020 from the NISA Feeders matches

EVENT: Wednesday “NISA Feeders” Open Match
1st: John ADAMSON (NISA Feeders) 150-15
2nd:  Steve RINGER (Guru & Ringer’s Baits) 146-08
3rd: Shaun GREENFIELD (Manchester AC) 125-13
4th: Alan MARSHALL (Corby) 73-11
5th: Martin HINCKS (Ajax AC) 69-07
6th: Wayne GREENFIELD (Manchester AC) 51-01
Number of pegs: 11

Report: The match started with a brisk West wind blowing into the low “B” numbers and John Adamson (peg B14) and Steve Ringer (peg B11) on adjacent pegs both caught steadily on method feeder for the first 90 minutes until the wind switched to NW, when bites slowed so that after 2 hours both struggled. During a quiet mid-section John added an odd fish, then added another half dozen in the final hour, while Steve’s margin failed to produce anything but small perch.  At the weigh in, John’s 150-15 won the match, with Steve close behind on 146-08 in second place.

The switch in wind assisted Shaun Greenfield on peg A20, who caught on method feeder from peg A20, and although he lost several fish in the snag on the floating boom, still managed to put 125-13 on the scales to take third place.

Alan Marshall (B17) took fourth with 73-11, taking several fish in the final hour from his margins, with Martin Hincks (peg A9) in fifth with 69-07, Wayne Greenfield sixth (A12) with a pole caught 60-02 which included 30-00 of silvers, Chris Wayte (A15) with 51-01 in seventh place.

NB.  ‘NISA Feeders’ Opens are at Makins Phase 1 every Wednesday. You must book in before 10pm the previous evening (Facebook – Nisa midweek open matches), draw in car park 8:30am-9am, fishing 10:30am-4:30pm. 

EVENT: Thursday “NISA Feeders” Open Match
1st: Pete EDEN (Syston Casters) 82-13
2nd: Bob GREENBURY (Drennan Leicester) 75-07
3rd: Paul REYNOLDS (Nuneaton) 64-14
4th: Lance CHAMBERS (Ringers & Dynamite Baits) 63-08
5th: Mick WHITE (Coalville) 54-11
6th: Ben LOCKWOOD (Tackle Shack) 53-05
Number of pegs: 14 (Paid top two each lake, Top two overall)

Report: The bitterly cold SW wind made sport difficult for several anglers, many of whom struggled to catch, although the top half had reasonable sport.

Pete Eden on Derwent 29 managed to get carp feeding on corn and managed to tempt fish steadily throughout the day to put 82-13 on the scales to win both Lake and overall.

On Thames peg 9, Bob Greenbury fished in a similar manner for his catch of 75-07 to take second place, as did Paul Reynolds (Thames peg 20) whose third overall weight of 64-14 took lake second.

Lance Chambers (Thames 14) had a pellet caught 63-08 for fourth place, with Mick White’s fifth placed 54-01 from Derwent 21 taking the second prize on his lake.  Ben Lockwood’s 53-05 for sixth consisted of margin caught carp taken late in the match from Derwent 11.

NB: ‘NISA Feeders’ Opens are at Makins Phases 2 or 3 every Thursday. You must book in before 10pm the previous evening (Facebook – Nisa midweek open matches), draw in car park on phase being fished 8:30am-9am, fishing 10:30am-4:30pm. 

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