NISA Feeders midweek open match results for w/c 13/07/2020

Erewash Sound brings you the latest angling news from the Nisa Feeders events.

EVENT: Tuesday “NISA Feeders” Open Match
DATE: 14 JULY 2020 

  • 1st: Kev WALTERS – Team Makins 121-12
  • 2nd: Bob GREENBURY – Drennan Leicester 51-02
  • 3rd: Tony LAMB – Jaguar AC 46-07
  • 4th: Chris WAYTE – Coalville 43-06
  • 5th: John ADAMSON – NISA Feeders 42-14

Number of pegs:  11 (Paid top three)

Report: For some reason the lake failed to produce the expected weights and most anglers struggled for bites throughout the day.

On peg B14, Kev Walters fed about half a bag of 8ml Green Swimstim Pellets two-thirds over to the island, and after a couple of hours the carp and bream moved onto it and he caught steadily on bomb and pellet for the remainder of the match to end with 121-12 for a clear win.

On the opposite bank on peg A9, Bob Greenbury switched between feeder and pole for a mixture of carp and bream for his second placed 51-02, whilst Tony Lamb on B18 caught his fish on bomb and pellet fished towards the island to secure third place.

Only two others weighed in, Chris Wayte on A15 with 43-06, taken on bomb and pellet and pole, and John Adamson (A13) with 42-14 (including 20 lbs of pole caught bream) who had a nightmare with snags in which he lost nine carp before concentrating on the pole.

Back to Wednesday next week (22 July).

NB.  ‘NISA Feeders’ Opens are at Makins Phase 1 every Wednesday. You must book in before 10pm the previous evening (Facebook – Nisa midweek open matches), draw in car park 8:30am-9am, fishing 10:30am-4:30pm. 

EVENT: Thursday “NISA Feeders” Open Match
DATE: 16 JULY 2020

  • 1st: Stuart GOULD – Rugby 131-07
  • 2nd: Gaz WOOD – The Pellet Guys 95-11
  • 3rd: John ADAMSON – NISA Feeders 74-12
  • 4th: Kev WALTERS – Team Makins 73-06
  • 5th: Jerry GRIFFIN – Makins 70-01
  • 6th: Stephen PRETTY – Miracle Baits 65-13
  • 7th: Ben LOCKWOOD – Tackle Shack 63-07
  • 8th: Baz SMITHSON – Team Makins 58-02
  • 9th: Daz FORREST – Raygill Tackle 67-06
  • 10th: Bob GREENBURY – Drennan Leicester 56-15

Number of pegs: 24 (Paid top two on each lake and top four overall individuals)

Report: On a dull and overcast day all three lakes fished reasonably well and in spite of eight “did not weighs” it still averaged over 44 pounds per angler.

Stuart Gould on Crater peg 15 took advantage of the recent work on the lake that had removed the snaggy roots and fishing his margins throughout the day caught carp steadily on dead maggots to put 131-07 on the scales for the clear win.

Second overall and second on Crater was Gaz Woods from peg 2.  Gaz caught most of his fish long against the island on paste, putting 95-11 on the scales.

The next two weights came from Snake, with John Adamson taking third overall and winning the lake from peg 17 with a paste caught 74-12, Kev Walters taking lake second and fourth overall with 73-06 mainly taken on corn fished in the cut-back to his right.

The money winners on Reptile were Ben Lockwood with 63-07 to win the lake from peg 17 (fishing shallow with pellet) and Daz Forrest (peg 9) with 57-06.

Next week (22 July) the match is on Phase Three on Derwent, Thames and Avon.

NB.‘NISA Feeders’ Opens are at Makins Phases 2 or 3 every Thursday. You must book in before 10pm the previous evening (Facebook – Nisa midweek open matches), draw in car park on phase being fished 8:30am-9am, fishing 10:30am-4:30pm. 

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