NISA Feeders Midweek Open Match Results for w/c 20/07/2020

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EVENT: Wednesday “NISA Feeders” Open Match
DATE: 22 JULY 2020

  • 1st: Terry PHILLIPS (Attleborough Anglers) 93-09
  • 2nd: Daz SHAW (Makins) 90-02
  • 3rd: Bob GREENBURY (Drennan Leicester) 76-03
  • 4th: Fred COXON (Ringer’s Baits) 72-06
  • 5th: Andrew PATON (Melton Mowbray) 70-14
  • 6th: Kev WALTERS (Team Makins) 67-14
  • 7th: Chris Knapp (Coventry) 53-14
  • 8th: Mick TIMSON (Makins) 52-09
  • 9th: John ADAMSON (NISA Feeders) 39-05
  • 10th:  Daz FORREST (Raygill Tackle) 34-14

Number of pegs:  17 (Paid Top Four)

Report: With the exception of peg A17, the ends of the lake did not fish well with anglers there struggling for bites which mainly produced bream.

On his first match since the lockdown Terry Phillips on peg A15 failed to catch on rod and reel, but by switching to the pole he altered his fortunes by catching carp steadily to the end of the match. Terry caught in front of himself at first then from the margins, all on banded 6 and 8ml pellets, to put 93-09 on the scales to win.

Daz Shaw was a close second from peg B15 with 90-02 of method feeder fish, Bob Greenbury (peg A7) taking third with 76-03 of carp taken on bomb and pellet and later pellet and pole. The final money winner was Fred Coxon from peg B13 with a method feeder caught 72-06.

NB.  ‘NISA Feeders’ Opens are at Makins Phase 1 every Wednesday. You must book in before 10pm the previous evening (Facebook – Nisa midweek open matches), draw in car park 8:30am-9am, fishing 10:30am-4:30pm.

EVENT: Thursday “NISA Feeders” Open Match
DATE:  22 JULY 2020

  • 1st: Simon POTTER (Rugby Tackle  & Daventry AC) 118-07
  • 2nd: Dave “Chalky” WHITE (Coalville) 112-14
  • 3rd: Gaz WOOD (The Pellet Guys) 108-05
  • 4th: Bob GREENBURY (Drennan Leicester) 94-14
  • 5th: Paul REYNOLDS (Nuneaton) 85-06
  • 6th: Dave MARKHAM (Bedworth) 82-04
  • 7th: Kev WALTERS (Team Makins) 81-01
  • 8th: Kevin SERGEANT ( Makins) 74-05
  • 9th: Mick TIMSON (Makins) 72-13
  • 10th: Steve BULL (Chiltern Baits) 65-07
  • 11th: John ADAMSON (NISA Feeders) 60-12
  • 12th: Andy SEARLE (Leicester) 59-08

Number of pegs: 22 (Paid top three each lake & top 3 individuals)

Report: With the match split evenly over the two lakes, Avon completely out fished Derwent on the day taking 9 of the top 12 places.

Simon Potter on Avon peg 2 took a while to sort out how to avoid the small fish, but once he switched to hard banded 8ml and 6lm pellets he extracted carp from his right margin with regularity to end with a magnificent 118-07 for the win.

On the opposite side of the lake on pegs 21 and 19, Chalky White and Gaz Wood pasted it out against each other, with Chalky (using a new paste) coming out on top with 112-14 to Gaz’s 108-05.  They took the rest of the Avon money and second and third individual places.

Bob Greenbury (Avon 6) and Paul Reynolds (Avon 8) filled the next two places, with Dave Markham in sixth overall taking top prize on Derwent with 82-04 from peg 4.  Second on Derwent was Mick Timson (peg 7) with 72-13, and third John Adamson (peg 29) with 60-07.

Next Thursday the match is on Phase Two (Crater, Snake & Reptile) with a 28 pegs limit.

NB.  ‘NISA Feeders’ Opens are at Makins Phases 2 or 3 every Thursday. You must book in before 10pm the previous evening (Facebook – Nisa midweek open matches), draw in car park on phase being fished 8:30am-9am, fishing 10:30am-4:30pm.

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