Music Policy

'Love music, love Erewash...'

People of all ages can listen to Erewash Sound and hear a track they will like and/or can relate to within minutes of hearing one that they might not!  This means that everyone in any given location can listen to and therefore take advantage of the other services offered by the radio station, both musically and through information provided.  No-one should be made to feel left out and unable to listen to the station, irrespective of age.

Our mainstream output consists of a wide variety of hits and songs from seven decades, along with a selection of newer songs which we think you'll like.  Dedications, messages and 'shout-outs' are also welcome by phone, e-mail, text, social media or post and are aired without undue delay or rejection.

We present a range of specialist programming during evenings throughout the week - each reflecting many elements of our mainstream output.  Our specialist programmes also help broaden listener choice and give airplay to music that wouldn’t necessarily be heard on other radio stations.

Programmes include 60s/70s, Alternative 80s, 90s, Rock, Soul & Disco, Party, Retro, and special show just for teenagers.  We also pride ourselves in the promotion and airplay of music produced by local artists, including those who are unsigned or who just enjoy producing music with a dedicated local music show - 'GEMS' - aired each week.

Something missing from our output?  Tell us - we'd love to hear from you!  Erewash Sound is ready and willing to listen to genuine suggestions from listeners, particularly where there is significant demand for a particular type of programme, or music genre. 

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