Cotmanhay Road and Ilkeston town centre incidents - buses suspended again

Published on: Monday, 14th August 2023
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Derbyshire Police have been detailing a spate of criminal activity involving a large group of youths over the course of the last few weekends.

Incidents were reported throughout Cotmanhay Road and in Ilkeston town centre, in which bricks, eggs and faeces have been thrown by youths at vehicles passing through, specifically with the Trent Barton buses being targeted again, leading to their service through Cotmanhay Road being terminated at the weekend on Saturday 12th August although Trent Barton did subsequently resume normal services. 

A statement released by the Police said that if anti-social behaviour continues, the bus company may terminate their bus service through Cotmanhay Road permanently but that this was something that everyone wanted to avoid due to its impact on the wider community.

A plea was issued to parents and guardians of children involved to take responsibility for them and to consider that work was starting with the borough council, county council and housing providers who would be assisting with tackling anti-social behaviour, and that it could affect tenancies of properties in which children live.

Anyone with any information regarding the identify of offenders is being asked to contact Police via 101, or in the event of an emergency, by calling 999.

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