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Published on: Monday, 14th December 2020
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Dog owners in Erewash are being urged to help keep the streets of the borough free from dog mess by helping crack down on those who are failing to pick up after their pets.

As part of the clean-up campaign, Erewash Borough Council has relaunched its popular text service which enables residents to use their mobiles to send details of dog fouling mess and request a clean-up.

The Dog Fouling Text Service number is 07792 701 583 and residents should give a precise location of the dog mess to enable the council’s team to locate it and clean it up as quickly as possible.  As well as the text number, residents can also register for a MyErewash account at to register dog fouling.

The relaunch of the text service runs alongside a plea from the council for residents and responsible dog owners to help tackle the increase in dog fouling on streets and parks during the dark winter nights – when irresponsible owners use the cover of darkness to ignore picking up the mess.

Councillor Garry Hickton, Erewash Borough Council’s Lead Member for Environment, said: "We know residents appreciate our text service so that we can dispatch our teams to keep our streets and public spaces clean so I would encourage everyone to use it.  We will work with you, so please do get in touch.

“We are proud of our text clean-up service, but need your help to find those dog owners – the selfish minority – who leave the mess for someone else to deal with.”

Erewash Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Dog Wardens have urged residents to get in touch with details of any offenders to help them target their patrols.  Details of the location, approximate time when the dog is walked and any other information would be helpful.

Details can be given on the confidential PRIDE-line number 0115 850 8383 or email prideline @ 

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