Drivers seeing red are relieved after Erewash Sound intervenes

Published on: Friday, 27th January 2023
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A red traffic light

Erewash Sound has intervened after drivers saw red at a set of re-occuring roadworks in the south west of the borough.

The A6096 Ockbrook turn has been the scene of a series of periods of excavations, road works and traffic lights over recent weeks and months, causing long delays during weekdays, but on Sunday 22nd January, there was a need for the radio station to report delays on an otherwise quiet day after three-way temporary traffic lights became stuck on red in all directions.

Some motorists took it upon themselves to find their way through, often followed by a raft of other vehicles, whilst other drivers held back as a precaution.  The issue became more complicated as some courteous motorists stopped to pass the message on to those still queuing, to the frustration of drivers trying to complete their passage through the works..

Having reported the issue on-air and via social media, radio station management contacted Derbyshire Police about the problem.  County Council highways officers were informed to send out crews to investigate and resolve the problem with the lights.

However, Derbyshire County Council Road Unit officials told Erewash Sound that, according to their records, there did not appear to be any active and authorised works on the A6096 at Ockbrook. Having been given more information by Erewash Sound, a spokesperson for the authority said that the works could have been set up on an emergency basis but that they could also be unauthorised so could require a site visit.

As communications with the radio station concluded, a final statement said that the works including the cones and the lights, were set to be removed by the contractor on the afternoon of Thursday 27th January. 

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