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19/04/2024: Ilkeston Scala Cinema Listings: Bookings are now available for the films below. 
16/04/2024: Residents who feared part of a former golf course could be sold to developers have learned from council chiefs that it WON’T – and that ALL the land will be turned into a new nature reserve for the community.
The Reverend Welby, Cllr Dawson and Cllr Everett
15/04/2024: A visit to Erewash by the Archbishop of Canterbury saw the Church of England head surprise passers-by as he prayed with them on Ilkeston Market Place.
Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby - Credit 'Jaqui J Sze'
13/04/2024: The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has visited Ilkeston as part of a tour of the county and Derby City to lead a day of prayers, lending his support to churches and community groups across the Diocese.
Credit: Northern - person getting on train
12/04/2024: Passengers travelling by train from Ilkeston Railway Station may have the chance to enjoy some classical music on later legs of their journey.
10/04/2024: The Ilkeston Hospital League of Friends will stage their annual fundraising bed push on Saturday 20th April 2024 with teams of local businesses, hospital staff and others each taking turns to push a customised hospital bed from the bottom of Bath Street to the Market Place in slots running between 9am and 2pm.  Funds raised will go towards provision of services at Ilkeston Community Hospital for the benefit of patients and their families.  Please show your support where you can.
05/04/2024: The team at a hairdressing salon in Ilkeston is celebrating as the business reaches a 60-year milestone in the town. 
05/04/2024: Four teenagers have been arrested in connection with an assault in Ilkeston.
04/04/2024: Erewash Borough Council Town Halls will bring in new weekday opening hours from Monday 13th May.
03/04/2024: Erewash Borough Council leader James Dawson has helped serve up refreshments after officially opening a new tearoom at the borough’s award-winning museum.