Jeff Owen

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Jeff recently joined Erewash Sound to present Drive every weekday from 4:00pm to get you through the end of the afternoon and into the evening, bringing you regular travel updates if you’re out on the roads, plus a look at some of the stories you might have missed from the news of the day, and he is renowned for his humour to make you smile with things he says.

In early 2024, Jeff took a break from our schedule due to personal commitments but we hope it won't be too long before he is back on Drive weekdays from 4pm.

Jeff has been on the radio for thousands of years.  He spent a quarter of a century working for the BBC. He was the long-time morning show host on BBC Radio Nottingham, as well as on-air at BBC Radio Leeds, and in the middle of the night on national BBC Radio 2

Jeff won a Sony Gold Award for Best Programme – something he still feels guilty about: “I stole it from Kenny Everett, and another broadcasting hero John Dunn, who got the Silver and Bronze ones!” Jeff’s shows then went on to win more Sony Awards and some at the New York Radio Festival, 

By 2008, Jeff was due for a rest, and got a “proper” job, returning to the classroom as a physics teacher.  He stopped doing that a couple of years ago, to have another longer rest!

He always said that if somebody asked him nicely, he’d be tempted back to do a daily radio show for a bit.  Erewash Sound did, so he’s back on at the end of the afternoon, hosting the drivetime show.  

Jeff will also be combining his broadcasting and education knowledge to help with the Erewash Sound Academy too - so if you’re on one of our training courses, then Jeff himself could be teaching you.