Ian Perry

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Erewash Sound presenter and media spokesperson Ian Perry

Ian Perry is on-air every Sunday morning from 10am easing you into a 'Lazy Sunday', and can also be heard on local news bulletins, as well as occasional cover for other presenters too!  

Having caught the radio bug by listening to mid-80s offshore station Laser 558 and from the launch of Radio Trent in Derby in 1987, the airwaves called and Ian joined Derby’s hospital radio station – Radio Link – often at the helm of roadshows with future BBC Radio Derby presenter – the late Andy Potter, who would later be his best-man!

Ian also has experience working on BBC Radio Derby on Saturday night programming in the 90s, and short-term radio stations Valley Radio (Ripley - 1996), Trust FM (Chesterfield - 1996) and Pride FM (Derby - 1997-2002).

Sitting at his dining table one day, both Ian and Jeff Martin formulated plans to launch Erewash Sound and duly did so in late 2004, ahead of a short-term FM trial in 2005, an internet-only service from 2007 and the full time FM launch in 2010.

Ian makes no secret of his adoration for Aussie pop princess Kylie Minogue both on and off-air, and often gets his Mrs challenging him by phone whenver Ms Minogue makes the playlist - claiming that Ian himself put the track there - something Ian always fiercely denies and even has to swear on the cat's life to plead his case further.

He also likes watching British Touring Car and Formula E motor racing, fettling his car and playing constant catch up on Classic Coronation Street.  Having been as many as 200 episodes behind at one point, he whittled it down to just over a dozen though repeated periods of binge watching but then let it slide back to around the 200 mark due to all manner of other distractions - these may or may not be to do with the radio station!  The current count is stubbornly hanging around the 170 mark.

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