Listening at work

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We enjoy listening to the radio at work just as much as you do. However, if your workplace plays Erewash Sound over a tannoy system or to a large number of employees, there are a few things you should be aware of regarding music copyright.

The Performing Rights Society (PRS for short) (with their partner Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL)) is entitled to charge businesses for a licence for those having the radio on at work. When music is played in public, they act as the agent in collecting royalties for the composers. So how can you prevent your employer or yourself from falling foul of the rules?

  • If you have access to the internet at work,and if it is safe and legal to do so, use headphones to use our online Erewash Sound Radio Player. The entertainment is then for your own listening pleasure.
  • If your boss allows the use of headphones, and again, if it is safe and legal to do so whilst at work, try a pocket radio.
  • Don’t put the radio out on a tannoy for the entire factory floor to hear. The factory office might have many workers, but only those who are working within an area where the sound recordings are audible are counted.
  • PRS may phone or visit your workplace to check for compliance, and there are many recent high profile cases in the media where companies have been challenged by PRS officials.

If you are playing Erewash Sound at work to the public, e.g. to customers in a shop or restaurant, you will need licences from both PRS and PPL, the agent who collects the royalties for the artists and record labels.

Find out how music works and visit the PRS website if you want more information on music and performance copyright.   The PPL website can be viewed here.