DCG School Liaison and Apprentice Recruitment teams now work with over 70% of Derbyshire schools

Published on: Friday, 10th November 2023
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Lara Knifton, Apprenticeship Recruitment and Customer Service Manager

Derby College Group outreach work to schools continues to grow and support a greater number of schools, with the Schools Liaison team and the Apprenticeship Recruitment team working with the majority of schools across Derbyshire, which includes Special Schools.

The two teams collectively help school students get ready for the next exciting stage of their education. From providing a taste of what it’s like to study at DCG, to giving in-depth information on the incredible range of vocational courses on offer, they provide a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable link between schools and DCG. For teachers and parents or carers, the team provide expert advice on applications and the right education path to choose.

The School Liaison team and the Apprenticeship Recruitment team work together visiting schools to do assemblies, open evenings and bespoke sessions. In addition, the School Liaison team coordinates numerous additional activities including mock interviews and tours. 

This week, Lara Knifton, Apprenticeship Recruitment and Customer Service Manager and Steve Elliott, Head of Technology Apprenticeships visited Kirk Hallam Academy at Ilkeston. 

Amanda Cartwright, Careers Co-ordinator at Kirk Hallam Academy, enthusiastically commented: “I would like to say a massive thank you to you both for arriving and setting up so promptly and tailoring your assembly/presentation specifically to Year 12 and 13 and thereafter Year 11.

“Whilst representing Derby College in such a positive capacity, it was great to hear you both talk so passionately with a view to inspiring our students regarding their futures, and what is might take to reach them in addition to broadening horizons and seeing the world outside of the classroom.  I have had some really positive feedback. Students have been asking about specific career routes.   

“The assembly provided a great overview of the benefits of combining work with practical training.  I thought it excellent how you relayed to those students looking to seek apprenticeships, the commitment from both Derby College and the Employer as in supporting and developing individual skills during an apprenticeship. 

“It was a breath of fresh air to hear you re-enforce the importance and necessity of GCSE passes in core subjects.  I have no doubt you both felt the passion from our teaching staff and this was well received.  Getting the students to visualise themselves in the future years is so valuable.  Thank you again to the Apprenticeship Team at Derby College, these links are so important.”  

Taylor Marcer-McCann, Marketing Office – Schools Liaison said of the relation between DCG and the schools said: "We serve as a bridge between schools, fostering partnerships and mutual support. We facilitate the exchange of information, resources, and best practices, which can have a transformative impact on the students.”

In addition, the teams are assisted by teachers and staff from across DCG, to ensure that the schools and pupils get the best information and help they can.

Lara Knifton, Apprenticeship Recruitment and Customer Service Manager commented: "The collaboration between apprenticeship programmes and schools is invaluable in providing students with a well-rounded information, so they can make informed choices. Working with the teachers and staff it helps the students understand the necessary theoretical knowledge and also offers practical, hands-on experience, preparing them for successful careers."

When discussing the apprenticeship route, the team covers many aspects including, the types of apprenticeship DCG offers, how they can apply for a current vacancy and what to do if they have found an employer who wants to take them on as an apprentice.To discuss this service, contact details are as follows; 

To contact the Apprenticeship Recruitment team, call 01332 387420 or email apprenticeships @ derby-college.ac.uk, and for the School Liaison team call 07860 826803 or email taylor.marcer-mccann @ derby-college.ac.uk

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