Future of two local organisations thrown into doubt due to Stanton redevelopment

Published on: Monday, 6th March 2023
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The future of two local organisations has been thrown into doubt due to the redevelopment work on the site of the former Stanton Ironworks.

Ilkeston Brass, which was formed in the 1920s as the Stanton Ironworks brass band, was using Henley House in Lows Lane until around a decade ago, when it moved to a former canteen which it has had sole use of to rehearse within and store equipment.

Secretary Hazel issued a statement over the weekend and said that she had received what was described as an "unexpected eviction notice" by new site developers, and that, as a result, within two weeks, the band would become homeless.  She said: "We have a full schedule of Summer and Winter concerts so urgently need new premises to rehearse in, and ideally store all of our equipment and library of music".

Ilkeston Brass is a registered charity and carries out of a number of commitments across the borough including public performances as part of the borough council's 'Bold As Brass' season.  Members get together to rehearse twice a week but the site of their home is now being prepared for housing.

The band is not the only organisation affected. Ilkeston Theatre Company has also been given notice that its storage facility on the Stanton estate has also been sold off and is set for demolition. 

A statement on social media said that they have until 20th March to move out.  It said: "We have a lot of sets and props to find a home for" and issued an appeal for anywhere that could be rented or used temporarily whilst alternative suitable space is sought.  The theatre company is also run on a not-for-profit basis, so said that it was unable to afford commercial rates which would be offered by a business unit.

Much of the whole area on which the former Stanton Ironworks sat is undergoing rapid redevelopment work which has recently involved the demolition of a number of buildings with hoardings running for some distance alongside the main road through the estate.

Developers Verdant Regeneration have been approached for comment.

Anyone who can offer support to either organisation can contact Ilkeston Brass via sending e-mail to enquiries @ ilkestonbrass.org.uk, whilst Ilkeston Theatre Company can be contacted by calling Justine Haywood on 07753 455773   Both groups are also on social media.

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