Ilkeston Safer Neighbourhood Team partner up to tackle speeding in Morley

Published on: Thursday, 18th January 2024
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Officers from Ilkeston Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team have teamed up with the Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit to tackle the problem of motorists speeding in Morley.

Within the first thirty minutes of starting a speed check period, four drivers were stopped and reported for speeding.

A statement said that, in 2022, officers saw a total of 32 people lose their lives on our roads, while 407 people were seriously injured. Speed was a factor in 19% of collisions which caused injury or where people were killed in 2022.

The top speed recorded on Derbyshire roads was 115mph. The statement said that, although not everyone reaches these speeds, speeding is still a big a problem when speed factors into nearly one in five collisions.

Officers have pledged to continue spontaneously targeting and enforcing problem areas for speeding in our local communities, and said that although speed kills, motorists who don't lose their life, may lose their licence instead.

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