An unattended electrical cooking appliance caused Sandiacre house fire

Published on: Wednesday, 20th December 2023
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Credit: DFRS
Credit: DFRS
Credit: DFRS

An investigation into the cause of a house fire in Sandiacre has concluded the most likely cause to be accidental due to an unattended electrical cooking appliance. 

Fire crews from Long Eaton, Ilkeston, Ascot Drive and Nottinghamshire’s Stapleford Station were called to the property on Linden Grove, Sandiacre, shortly after 8pm on Tuesday 19th December.  

Whilst firefighters were en-route, fire control operators were able to provide life-saving fire survival guidance to those inside the property who were unable to escape. 

Upon arrival, firefighters were met with a well-developed fire which had started on the ground floor and broken through into the upstairs of the house.  

Crews rescued a man and woman, along with two dogs, from a first-floor window using a ladder.  

Fire Investigator, Station Manager Barclay Masterson said: “This incident is a great example of how our teams work together to bring incidents to a safe and successful conclusion. Our Fire Control operators were able to provide fire survival guidance and guide the occupants to a safe position, where they were visible and could await the arrival of fire crews. 

“Firefighters were quick in their response and rescued the occupiers from a window, before entering the property to tackle the fire. I have no doubt that, had it not been for their combined actions, the outcome of this incident could have been much more devastating.” 

Both occupants were handed into the care of paramedics and taken to hospital for precautionary checks due to smoke inhalation.   

Station Manager Masterson went onto say: “On this occasion the property had one working smoke alarm which was positioned on the first floor. Despite its presence, the fire was not detected by the smoke alarm, due to the distance from the fire.  

“Luckily, one of the occupiers was able to smell the smoke from their bedroom. The smoke alarm did activate, but only after the 999 call was made.

“This highlights the importance of smoke alarms and why I would encourage everyone to have at least one working smoke alarm fitted on every level of their property and to ensure that they are positioned in a suitable location to provide an early warning of a fire.” 

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service would like to remind everyone of the following safety advice: 

  • Ensure you have smoke alarms fitted on every level of your property. 
  • Test your smoke alarms weekly to ensure they are ready to give you and your family vital early warning of a fire, should a fire break out in your home. 
  • Ensure that electrical appliances are turned off, candles and smoking materials are extinguished and doors are closed as part of your nighttime routine.  
  • In the event of a fire, Get Out, Stay Out and Call 999. 
  • Limit ventilation to the fire by keeping all internal doors closed. 
  • If you can't get out the property, get everyone in one room, ideally with a window and a phone. 
  • Put bedding around the bottom of the door to block out the smoke. 
  • Call 999 if you have a phone. If not, open the window and shout for help.  

For more on fire safety including what to do in an emergency, visit

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