Broadcast regulator agrees to second transmitter for Erewash Sound

Published on: Saturday, 7th September 2019
Robert Lindsay at the launch of Erewash Sound in March 2010

After nearly 10 years of delivering a truly local radio service to the residents of Erewash, Erewash Sound is delighted that the broadcast regulator, OFCOM has agreed to allow a second transmitter and a second frequency for the radio station to reach homes across Long Eaton and the south of the borough which currently experience poor reception of the 96.8FM service.

In recent correspondence to the radio station, the regulator said that the agreement was because they did not need to consider exceptional circumstances to justify the increase.

They also acknowledged that the application clearly set out the:

  • 'various relationships and affinities between Ilkeston and Long Eaton.  For example, they are part of the same Parliamentary constituency and the same Council area (the Council has town halls in Ilkeston and Long Eaton';
  • Erewash Sound already broadcasts 'news stories and other general community items from in and around Long Eaton' and gives them equal priority with items about Ilkeston;
  • The Licensee "aims to...encourage cohesion and inclusivity across the borough" and will be better able to do this with a relay for Long Eaton;
  • Some places around Long Eaton can hear the station now, albeit with poor reception.  Long Eaton is not served by another community radio service.

In the wake of this announcement, Erewash Sound is committed to investing in the infrastructure to extend the service and reach all parts of the borough on FM for the first time, as the original frequency has not been sufficient to cover every home since launch in March 2010.

We have been seeking support from the regulator and Members of Parliament to find a solution and we are pleased to have been recognised for already serving news, sport and information across Erewash since we launched.

The Erewash Sound team look forward to making further announcements soon as we work towards launching our extended service.
One of the founding members of the radio station, a man who had the brainchild for a radio station for Erewash several decades ago, Jeff Martin, spoke about the collective delight of the organisation following the latest news from OFCOM. 

He said: "This means that we can now provide the radio station that we always wanted to in the first place, but couldn't do so due to broadcast restrictions which applied at the time. 

Although our output can be heard on line via our website, smart speakers and a smart phone and tablet application, we are excited by and are very much looking forward to more closely and clearly welcoming more listeners on FM, providing a service to even more local community groups, charities and local organisations through the free to air publicity they can enjoy and offering commercial promotional opportunities to businesses in the additional broadcast area."

You can keep up to date with the radio station progress and current activities by visiting

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