The Ockash Trust

Published on: Tuesday, 26th January 2010

The Ockash Trust is a registered charity set up to help young people from Ockbrook and Borrowash. To apply, you must be under the age of 21, and be from either of the two villages. The Trust awards grants of money for health, education and in some cases recreational purposes. If you know a young person who benefit - why not put them in touch with the Ockash Trust? Money could help towards buying sports equipment or clothing, a piece of equipment or change of environment for someone suffering from a health condition, musical instruments or equipment, dance and drama facilities or educational trips abroad.

The Ockash Trust is not a means tested but is a registered charity, but is a small but active group of local volunteers who work throughout the year to raise funds. Over £10,000 has already been given to help children and people in the Parish through events such as the Duck Race, Festival of Light, charity dinners and the Jubilee Party. Volunteers are always welcome to join, take on a new challenge and help the community. For more details, visit the Trust website at - information and application forms can also be picked up from Parish Post Offices and Borrowash Library. Alternatively, write to The Ockash Trust, c/o Borrowash Library, Victoria Avenue, Borrowash. DE72 3HE or e-mail info(at)*.

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