New medical diet portal supports children needing modified school meals

Published on: Thursday, 9th May 2024
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Parents of children who require a modified school meals menu will now find it easier thanks to a new medical diet portal introduced by Derbyshire County Council’s school catering service.

The digital application system replaces paper forms previously required by the service to provide alternative meals for pupils with specific needs.

For any child requiring a medical diet due to food allergies, intolerances or auto immune conditions, a parent or carer can now complete the online application form and upload the required medical evidence from their GP or hospital consultant.

They will receive email notifications that the application is being processed and when it’s finalised, they and the school will receive a copy of the child’s modified menu and the date it will be available from.

The new digital service went live on 7th May on the council’s school catering service website at Allergies and special diets - Derbyshire Catering Service

The county council’s school catering service currently provides more than 45,000 hot meals to children at 365 schools across Derbyshire every day.

Derbyshire County Council Cabinet Member for Education Councillor Alex Dale said: “Evidence shows that a nutritious meal can boost a child’s ability to learn so we want our service to be as inclusive as possible for every child across Derbyshire - whatever their needs - and as easy as possible for their parents and carers to use.

“Our catering service does a fantastic job providing tailor-made menus for children requiring medical diets due to allergies, intolerances and auto immune conditions and this online application service will make it easier for their parents to apply and feel reassured that their child is safe with the food they’re eating at school.

“Taking the wider view, this new system also replaces lots of paper forms previously required to provide medical diets, helping to support the county council’s and catering service’s commitment to reducing paper use and our impact on the environment.”

For more information about Derbyshire County Council’s school catering service visit: Home - Derbyshire Catering Service

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