Clarity over recent newspaper article on the future of Erewash Sound

Published on: Thursday, 26th October 2023
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You may be aware that Erewash Sound has featured in a recent press article stating that the future of the radio station is at risk due to a serious lack of funding.

Although members of the management team engaged with the journalist, we did not specify that we may be off air by Christmas. Whilst we are grateful for the publication of the article and the messages that we need to ensure are made public, the journalist used their own licence in declaring that we may be off-air by Christmas.  We did specify that money is rapidly running out and that we may only have a matter of months of available funds before money runs out completely. 

However, the rest of the article remains factual, i.e. that the impact of the pandemic, followed by the rise in costs caused by the cost-of-living crisis, irrespective of the fact that Erewash Sound is a non-profit making organisation, run almost entirely by volunteers, has caused us to eat into any financial reserves that we had.

We continue to reach thousands of people every week on FM and online, relaying key and often essential items of information, news, sport, travel, what's on and more (particularly during the pandemic and Storm Babet) with scores of local non-profit making community groups, charities and other similar organisations benefitting from free publicity, the likes of which they never had before we came on-air in March 2010.  In many cases, this has seen an increased awareness of these organisations and events, and as a result, footfall and support.  They stand to lose this mouthpiece if we have to go off-air.

  • Local sports organisations are more prominent because of our coverage on air and on-line. 
  • Local bands get regular airplay each week on a programme dedicated to their work. 
  • We've trained several people in our Academy that have since gone on to secure paid jobs in the broadcasting industry.
  • We've trained scores of young people in life skills that have helped them develop into the people they have become today.
  • We've given and continue to give scores of school children, opportunties to take up work experience with the radio station. 

This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg regarding the work that we do in the community.  We really do so much more.

Whilst run by a team of volunteers, we still incur significant running costs to keep the radio station on the air, doing what it does, supporting local social gain and the community at large.  But all of this is at risk without an increase in financial support.

We know that our service is popular and is listened to by thousands of people every week, but if we go off air, there will not be a replacement service of the likes that the people of Erewash enjoy now.

With that in mind, from local and regional businesses, we continue to welcome:

Public support is also of immense value to us.  For listeners who truly value the work that we do and the service we provide, there are lots of other simple ways that members of the public can help:

We know that there are many other valuable community causes and charities out there who, it can be rightly perceived, are more worthy of support, but many of those causes will lose their mouthpiece for vital messages if Erewash Sound has no alternative but to close down for good - something none of us want, and we feel sure, neither do you.

Want to talk to us?  For advertisingsponsorship and corporate sponsorship opportunities, please visit each respective link or call 0115 888 0968.  To support us in other ways, please click here.  To run a fundraising event for us, please contact us.

Thank you.
The team at Erewash Sound

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